Officer Ken’s Secret EYESIGHT VITAMIN...
Now Released to the Public!

A Publication by

Officer Kenneth I. E

Former Glaucoma/Cataract sufferer.



“Doctors Predicted I Would Never Cure My Glaucoma & Cataract… But Contrary To Their Prediction, I Cured It Permanently and Naturally In Just 2 Months! I’ll Show You How…”

. . .find a quiet place, and carefully read this shocking and urgent message.

You will be shocked when you discover the scientific breakthrough on this page. And you won’t find this shocking secret anywhere else!

Before I continue, I want to be VERY honest with you, (FIrstName)

Don’t read down this page unless you have quite a bit of money.

I’m serious.

You see, you are going to want. . .really want…the scientific breakthrough described on this page…and. . . if you can’t afford it, you are probably going to be sick to your stomach.

On the other hand, if you are one who is somewhat financially secure…and…you would like to Reverse Glaucoma, Myopia, Cataract, …and other serious conditions, and at the same time restore your vision without expensive and harmful surgery. . . no matter what your age… then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.


To Start with, name is Officer Kenneth. I. E,

And the first thing you should know about me is, I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT an expert on nutrition either.

I never went to medical college. And I DON’T have certificate in anything except that which I obtained in my marine field.

Aside from that, the other thing I consider myself an expert about is, I know how almost any person in Nigeria can regain his lost vision in a VERY easy way. I know this because – I conquer it!

This ‘tiny pill” I used that has worked for me and 13,000 thousand others – work on the following conditions:

Glaucoma. Cataract, Astigmatism. Macular Degeneration. Retina Detachment. Myopia. And bunch others.

You know, to tell the truth, this discovery works better than any other eye pill and glasses ever devised. Consider this:

  • My glaucoma was reversed in less than 90 days!

  • My cataract that was due for the third operation in a row was gone forever! I don’t use glasses any longer!

  • I can now drive at night and watch Tv just like everyone else with perfect sight! No more eyeglasses… I’M FREE!

And guess what?

More than 13,000 thousand people have been saved from going blind with this breakthrough remedy. These are regular people just like you, who were finding it harder and harder to keep the crystal-clear vision the older they got.

So, (FirstName) if you feel that your vision is getting worse by the day and doctors are telling you that there is not much you can do about it. . .

It’s alright to be skeptical right now.

I understand.

After all you’ve been lied to and manipulated all this time. . .

And you've been led to think that the only way to restore your vision is through risky and expensive eye surgery.

But today you can change all this, (FirstName).

Because even if this presentation sounds “too good to be true”, I promise you. . .

You will want to hear every single word of it, as it is guaranteed to completely change everything you thought is true about why you’ve been losing your sight. And give you the only natural solution to regain your perfect vision. . . in just a few weeks.

Listen To What A Few Of Them Have To Say!

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Adeniyi Damola I’ve been wearing contact lenses for the past 7 years and it’s been driving me crazy, I’ve even had a severe infection when I lost one of them in the back of my eye…

It was horrible! I can’t be more grateful for Sight'0'Cap that made it so I could get rid of my glasses fast… I can’t believe I’ll never have to wear those again.

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Esther Okorie @Esthy01 10h

This blew my mind!

I started Sight 0 Cap program just a few days ago and my vision is better than it’s been for the last 14 years. I cried a little when my doctor showed me the test results.

I wish more people knew about this, it’s liberating to leave your glasses at home and see all the wonders around you freely. Thank you so much!




Victoria Gabriel I was nearsighted since I was 18, so I must have gone through a dozen pairs of glasses and who knows how many contact lenses so far.

Now I’m just thrilled that I won’t have to go to the doctor for another prescription again.

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Okon Emmanuel I was both nearsighted and farsighted and my doctor told me surgery is off limits for me, so I was stuck with wearing those thick, heavy glasses that are so uncomfortable. At the end of the day, I felt like my head was going to explode! I can’t tell you how I feel now that I don’t have to wear them anymore… #Sight0Cap


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These are not the only testimonies, but those are the few ones I wanted to call out and congratulate.

Stories like the ones above are amazing, but they aren’t unique. I receive messages like these every day.

And each one of the tens of thousands of people who have tried this program agree to the same thing: That this program has completely changed their lives.

And I should know better. . . because not too long ago, I was in their shoes.

If you are over 40years old, (FirstName). . .and. . .you have any eye problems. . . or your vision has gotten worse in the last few months or years -- or if you see dark spots, floaters or just have a little trouble reading road signs, textbooks and it makes you feel terrified at the dark and lonely future that awaits. . . and. . . you REALLY want to see better without eye surgery, glasses or eye-drop, then don’t set this page aside for later, because it may not be here when you come back.

And if you read until the end of this publication, I’m going to give you a never-revealed  remedy that is literally hands-on-deck. . . and it’s proven to restore and regenerate bad vision so quickly. . . and so effectively. It doesn’t matter how bad your vision has already become. Your eyesight has to recover. Wouldn’t that be the secret you’d love to know, (FirstName)

You see, when you were younger, your eyes went through this exact same recovery process whenever they were damaged. You didn't just realize it because they happened on autopilot! All you have to do is turn it on again.

And as you’ll see, it’s actually easy to do.

But then, as we grow older towards the age of 40 and above, we begin to experience problems with our eyes and our vision. This causes many people to need eye surgery, so they have the best vision possible.

Why? Because, usually after the age of 40, the lens in our eyes begin to harden due to natural causes. Our vision becomes cloudy and the lens itself turns brown, blocking off our field of vision.

The truth is, if you live long enough, I can almost guarantee you would have developed Cataracts or Glaucoma. It’s a natural condition that affects almost everybody at some point in his or her later life.

In fact, over 4 million eye surgeries performed, each year, in Africa alone . . .many of which are performed by inexperienced doctors in less than perfect conditions.

This has led to some scary stories on how some of these eye operations have gone wrong for some patients. Approximately 600,000 Africans become blind from cataract & Glaucoma each year. (Lewallen & Courtright, 2001)

More so, data from population-based surveys (PBS) indicate that Africa is the region with highest prevalence glaucoma blindness. . .

. . .too many Eyes surgeries are being performed in less than perfect conditionThose surgery rooms are not even clean, they’re much less sterile. And the environmental conditions are not controllable.

Unfortunately, too many surgeons are putting their own financial interests ahead of their patient’s interests.

(FirstName), as you may or may not know, The Big Pharmaceutical Companies Are Cheating Everyone In Africa Who Is Trying To Regain their Lost Sight!

They do this in two different ways.

First, they try to keep us from finding out about safe, cheap ways to Reverse Glaucoma, cataracts, myopia and other eyes problems… without… going for surgery.

The second way they cheat us is, they sell us millions and millions of naira’ worth of prescription Glasses/lens that are worthless.

The BIG pharmaceutical companies have been caught bribing hospitals and doctors to prescribe their medicine, eyedrops and glasses (that only manage the symptoms…) while ignoring the real cause of the disease.

Not only that, many of these glasses are very dangerous, …and they create refractive errors to our cornea.

 “Research Has Proven That Wearing Lenses And Contacts Will Destroy Your Vision Over Time…”

I’m not just saying this to scare you. It’s a fact you need to know. Scientific journals have published multiple claims that wearing corrective minus lenses really does make your eyesight worse:

Of course, Dr. Bates realized this over 90 years ago… when he quotes…

“If glasses are worn continuously over time the poor vision will generally become worse.
Essentially what glasses do is lock the eyes into their refractive state and in order to see through your lenses you have to maintain the poor vision that the lenses are designed to correct.”

W H Bates: Perfect Sight Without Glasses 1920


“The use of compensatory lenses (glasses and contacts) to treat or neutralize the symptoms does not correct the problem. The current education and training of eye care practitioners discourages preventive and remedial treatment.”

Gottlieb, 1982.
Journal of Optometry and Visual Development.

Consequently, my personal Optometrist (eye doctor) was so shocked that he had to apologize for telling me in the past that “I may have to wear my glasses all my life”

Well, I wouldn’t blame him anyway, it was never his fault….

But before I tell you exactly how I got to surprise everyone with my results (which am about to reveal to you right here), let me tell you my rather unfortunate story, (FirstName).

As of May 2011, I had a visual prescription of 20/400 on my left eye, and 20/250 on my right eye.

This means that my left eye can only see things at 20 feet where else, eyesight-healthy people can see at 400 feet.

In short, (FirstName), I won’t be able to see your face clearly even if you are just 20 feet right in front of me.

It was increasingly difficult to navigate my life.

Where a normal person would see two headlights coming from a car at night, I would see perhaps eighteen.

I couldn’t read my computer with my nose against the screen.

I couldn’t recognize my youngest son’s face from across a staircase.

. . .couldn’t read a book, couldn’t watch a movie and couldn’t even see my phone keyboard unless I put my spectacles on.

For much of last year I’ve been traveling with what I called ‘a seeing eye’ (my first son). He’s been helping me cross streets like an old woman and making sure I use the men’s room instead of the ladies.

“To add salt to injury, my Poor Eyesight Made Me Lose My Naval Pilot Job” . . .My dream!

I never would have imagined that my bad eyesight would ruined my career.

I did everything I could to prepare myself to become a Naval pilot. I played sports, and was involved in student council, and I volunteered in extra-curricular activities whenever i could. I went to college, got good grades, and stayed in shape. I even got my pilot’s license.

But there was one huge roadblock I could never overcome: and that is. . . perfect eyesight.

The Navy required their pilot candidates to have perfect 20/20 vision in order to qualify – and I wasn’t even close.

At the time I did not know that my eyesight could be improved naturally. I thought that my only options were to wear glasses and contact lenses for the rest of my life, or to go for an eye surgery.

So, I started looking into LASIK.

I knew many individuals who were very pleased with their eyesight following a laser eye surgery.

So, I decided to take my chances despite the many potential risks associated with surgery.

In early 2012 I went to a reputable clinic to undergo LASIK.

Regrettably, my surgery did not provide me with the results I hoped for.

At first my vision did seem clear, but within 3 months after surgery I found myself squinting a lot.

I went to get my eyes checked and was saddened to find out that I yet again had a prescription of -0.5 as well as Glaucoma and cataract combined.

Unfortunately, I also developed side effects of glare around bright lights (night driving became difficult) as well as eye dryness for which I had to use eye drops every day. My doctors offered to do another surgery, but I refused not wishing to cause any more harm to my eyes.

I also did not wish to wear glasses since I knew they would likely cause my vision to steadily get worse.

“Your eyes need, Immediate surgery, “said my doctor, And I can’t guarantee if it will successful.

My heart raced as i had instant panic attack. I leaned forward and turned my head to look at him.

“Tell me more,” I responded with fear crippling my chest.

My doctor told me that a hospital in Canada was recruiting patients for a study of acute optic neuritis and that I might qualify.

He told me I had to decide quickly so he could put my name on the limited slot …I needed to be in Canada within five to seven days in order to meet up. I spent the next 24hours in isolation thinking to make an informed decision and, to make certain that this wasn’t a bad idea.

So, one internal voice battled with another:

“Don’t be stupid and try something that is never going to work. Else, you’ll be disappointed like many others who went blind after operation.

But another, louder, voice came through, “What is the harm in trying, Afterall you might still go blind even without doing the operation” Risk it all!

I went back to my doctor the next day with great anticipation and anxiety, and finally told him, “Yes, I want to be considered.” I will travel to Canada for the operation.

Immediately, He drove me to his study centre, signed some medical documents and handed them over to me.

Take it with you, he said . . .and give it to whoever that will oversee your second surgery in abroad.

It was an emergency . . .and I couldn’t get to gather enough money for the surgery.

So, I obtained a salary-advanced loan from my bank in order to get my eyes operated abroad.

Two days later,

. . .after some serious heartfelt prayers by my love ones and well wishers (my parents, wife, two kids and my younger brother) escorted me down to the airport (my mum is a dedicated prayer warrior, though).

At the airport, she insisted we say yet another prayer before I took off. We held our hands together in that open space and not minding what others might think of us.

After the prayer, I hugged each one of them.

As I was leaving, I turned to see if they were gone, but they were still there waving in tears. I couldn’t help it. . . I began to sob uncontrollably as I looked at my newly wedded wife, then I walked back and hugged her passionately and whisper into her ears that I’m sincerely sorry for the pains I’ve caused her in our early relationship life.

To cut the long story sort of short, there in Canada, by 2:00 pm of the next day, I had entered the hospital as a patient.

That morning was like no other ordinary November morning, (FirstName).

I met with Dr. Patterson, possibly the best eye surgeon in Canada.

As he conducted a test in my eyes, he looked up from his instrument and said. . .

“Mr. Ken, I’m Afraid, It’s Official. You Are Legally Blind!”

His words were no surprise.

My vision had been troublesome all my life and, during the last year, had gotten exponentially worse.

. . .One eye was nearsighted, one eye was Glaucoma, both had astigmatism, both were scarred from sloppy radial keratotomy surgery and both eyes had cataracts obstructing my vision.

"You have acute optic neuritis,” my doctor continued, “and I don’t know if you’ll get your vision back.”

Those words fell heavily on my spirits. They were not comforting, nor were they reassuring.

Until that moment, I had allowed myself to believe it was a mere diagnosis I could perhaps, triumph over.

Dr Patterson’s words, however, left me with little hope.

I knew that 50% of the time, my good eye would also lose sight.

Thoughts and images raced through my mind. I parsed each of my doctor’s words carefully, hoping for some hidden message of hope or uncertainty. But never were my spirits so low.

As he spoke, I wondered how I would be able to perform daily life activities, such as reading, telling time, or preparing meals, without sight.

And all the while, I thought about telling as few people as possible, I imagined that they would not know how to behave around someone who had lost his sight.

I went in for the eye surgery and came out successfully.

I felt relieved.

I got back to work, and everything was fine.

I thought the eye-operation was the end of it, not until 8 months later; I started having this dry eye and constant itching.

I went back to my eye doctor. He gave me an eye drop with other frivolous prescriptions.

I was so sad to have gone back to the eye-drop I thought I won’t use any longer.

And by then, I was still paying off the loan I took from my bank.

worst of all, I was demoted at work to…ensign position, and was transferred to apapa lagos to start working ashore.

Sadly, my dream of becoming a Naval pilot seemed impossible since the prerequisite is to have perfect eyesight.

However, though, my final hope was in GOD. . .

 . . but I thought I didn’t deserve his mercy because I turn to him only when I needed help or when all doors were closed. I felt ashamed to even utter a word of prayer.

…It occured to me I would never repair my eyes – no matter what i did, because I had done everything humanly possible. I’d met with the best doctors, did eye surgery twice, bought the most expensive prescribed drugs and what have you… but to no avail.

It had happened many times before, but somehow, this time it seemed like the last straw.

So, I gave up… And I carried on with my life . . .

 I didn’t know who to turn to …or what else to try.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want this to sound like a sob story. I’m not telling you all this because I want you to feel sorry for me. There’s no need for that anyway. My story has a very happy ending.

My story has a happy ending because the very next month I made a discovery that has changed my entire life. By accident, I found an amazing breakthrough formula, that restored my lost sight that I never dreamed existed.

When I least expected it, God sent me a Solution through Mr. Ernust Wolfgang

I will forever stay loyal and grateful to Mr. Ernust Wolfgang, a German expert at my workplace, Apapa, Lagos.

He was also a four-eye man who suffered from glaucoma and had his wife struggling with Macular degeneration.

He noticed my terrible eyesight when I applied for two days “leave of absent” to go for another checkup and possible eye operation. He asked what I had done to improve it.

I was somewhat blunt with him, telling him my situation had no cure and that I had tried everything I could to no avail.

He laughed, and quickly opened his briefcase to show me an old test card showing he had struggled with bad eye vision for over 10 years.

“But where is your glasses sir?” I asked curiously.

He simply smiled and told me to meet him at his office later that day.

It was an appointment that changed my life forever . . .

The open secret remedy that has helped over 83,000+ people restore better eyesight till date!

At this point, I couldn’t wait any longer, I was curious to know exactly what it took Mr. Wolfgang to finally do away with his glasses and see freely again.

I was so hungry for what he had to tell me …that I was checking on him every 15 minutes to see if he was less busy.

Then at about 3.00pm, he sent for me!

His secretary walked me in. After pleasantries, Mr Wolfgang didn’t waste further time as he was a very busy man.

He sat me down and started revealing hard known secret of improving bad eyesight Naturally using plant extract combinations.

(FirstName), Here is a picture of one of the Plants he revealed to me which has been used for years in Asia to treat and manage tough eyesight problems.

A White Chrysanthemum flower.

n Chinese medicine, Chrysanthemum is one secretly used herbs in the treatment of eye problems for more than thousand years and it is said to also prevent aging.

According to Herbs-2000, chrysanthemums have a long history of being used to treat blurred vision, glaucoma, AMD, spotty vision and watering eyes.

It also contains beta-carotene (Lutein & Zeaxanthin, mainly in the yellow part of the flower) which has been discovered to treat eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and many more. . .

The German expert smiled at me after explaining.

He then showed another Picture this time it was the bilberry plant.

There is a story that the legends carried during the Second world war, that German Pilots had a meal with Bilberry plant before bombing their enemies in high accuracy.

It was believed their night vision heightened after eating the inky blue fruit.

Since then, this fruit has been experimented on and used for various vision treatments.

Aside from improving night vision, bilberry extract when combined with Chrysanthemum extract and other secret herbal extracts such as Beta Carotene(Known as the The Retina’s Food), selenium and Lecithin has been found to treat any type of eye problem starting from Age-related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, cataract, Short and Long Sightedness, Eyestrain, Astigmatism amongst others.

I was thrilled by the discoveries but still confused on where exactly to start.

Mr. Wolfgang asked me to return the next day and get a gift from him.

That gift has been my best gift from anyone till date.

I was handed over 3 bottles of a specially made herbal capsule containing all these herbal extracts and was instructed on how to use it.

I followed it religiously for three weeks straight and my joy knew no bounds.

By the seventh week, I could see comfortable without my glasses and didn’t have to worry about carrying it or not.

Because my situation was somewhat severe. It took me over 12 weeks to finally feel the full effect of my treatment.


Even after I met my saviour in the person of Mr. Ernurst Wolfgang, just 3 Weeks into my treatment, something terrible happened.

Mr. Wolfgang was transferred for an emergency service in South Africa, and no one saw it coming.

I wept., because I didn’t know how I would get more bottles to complete my treatment when I exhausted the first couple bottles, he gave me.

But Mr. Wolfgang is the best man I have met till date, he linked me to his secret source in the U.S where I could get these products and even shipped them to Africa.

Though it was a bit costly, (but NOT even close to half of what I expended for surgery) — I didn’t mind because I was seeing results, I didn’t see in years of visiting my optometrist.

To further authenticate the effectiveness of this solution, I went to my optometrist (who wear spectacle himself) to have my eye checked — he did the tests, and then I waited in the exam room.

First, the doctor stuck his head in.

“There’s something wrong with the tests.

We’re running them again.”

So, I waited even longer.

Finally, he came back.

“What did you do?” he asked, looking at his clipboard.

For a second, I thought he was mad at me.

“What did you change?” he asked again. “herbal stuff or what?”


He confirmed my eye is 100% better than before. He couldn’t believe that I improved my eyesight naturally.

I told him about correcting my vision loss with AirTook "Sight-0cular supplement".

“Well,” said the doctor, “that just saved your eyes from another deadly surgery.

“We don’t need to prescribe any drugs nor eyedrops for you anymore. And as healthy as these tests look, you could live without needing to use glasses for the rest of your life.

He continued . . . “3 months ago, you had one of the worst case of Advanced glaucoma I’ve ever seen. And now it’s like you never had it at all. It’s a miracle.”

(FirstName), I want you to imagine what it felt like to hear the doctor say, “your glaucoma and cataract has disappeared.”

The thought of it alone brought me to tears, I shamelessly sobbed like a little child, I mean Suddenly, I had my whole life ahead of me.

I kid you not, my doctor even got the same remedy for himself. . . which he used to get rid of his spectacle. And he apologized for ever doubting herbal solutions for my eye problems.

I have since gone on to ‘cure’ my parents and my brother of their myopia.

And to make sure I keep spreading this miracle solution I was handed over by Mr. Wolfgang, I decided to take the campaign online and spread the message that “Nature actually heals”

No more wearing glasses

No need for eye drops

Glaucoma & Cataract dissapears in 60days

You see, (FirstName). . . I thought of how to help others suffering with various eye problems.

So, my wife and I decided to gather some group of people who knows the truth about my breakthrough, and our secret remedy.

We started with friends, family, and neighbors – anyone we knew who suffered from bad eyesight. We shared my story and invited them to try what I discovered for themselves. 

They couldn’t believe the results… Neither would you.

Everyone who took “Sight '0' Cap” started seeing tremendous results in the very first couple weeks. They couldn’t thank us enough.

Once we saw how much these natural products helped people . . .we knew we had to go bigger and show the whole world about reversing any type of vision loss.

And to make sure I keep spreading this miracle solution I was handed over by Mr. Wolfgang, I decided to take the campaign online and spread the message that “Nature actually heals”

So, I contacted the company, AirTook Emporium Ltd, whose products are manufactured in the United States, in order to obtain further supplies for persons suffering from various eye conditions. That’s why I created this page.

Initially, the company wanted to sell the recommended 5 bottles of sight'0'Caps to me for the usual price of $359; I pleaded with them that since the recommended treatment needed is 3-6 bottles that they should please make it affordable. . . especially as I’m buying in bulk quantity.

After long negotiation though, they agreed to knock off $40 since I made them understand that I’m NOT really interested in making profit off it because I was equally a sufferer of Glaucoma and Cataract, combined. . .that, I deeply understand the pains people are going through.

So, after they took time to evaluate my sincerity, they finally accepted. Therefore, I was able to buy only 500 bottles. Although, I had placed order for 2,000 bottles, but they refused and told me that the products are limited due to high demands.

Hence, I shipped in JUST 500 bottles of sight 0cular capsule at the rate of $59 per bottle.

Here’s what "Sight 0 Caps" Looks like.

Your Sight '0' Caps delivery package

Your delivery contents

Here’s the actual “Certificate Of Analysis” and label …from the Sight ‘O’ Caps showing you exactly what nutrients it contains:

With Sight ‘O’ Caps . . . not only do you get all the vitamins and minerals that your eyes need, but you also ge. . .the Highest Quality Sources of These Nutrients so that Your Body Can Process and Use Them to Nourish and Protect Your Visual System Effectively.

Sight ‘O’ Caps complies with all FDA rules and regulations.

See attached…

It is manufactured in the United State Of America and, has already made it to the Food and Drug Association’s “Safe List” under strict C.G.M.P. certification (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) which you will see stamped right in front of the capsule container. . .

So, you can be confident it’s a safe and healthy supplement.

You see, (FirstName), my vision is now crisper and sharper. My eyes don’t become as tired, and they feel better lubricated throughout the day.

Best of all, I know I did all I could to support healthy, clear eyesight for the rest of my life.

Now, you probably have two questions at this point, (FirstName).

How do I get my hands on this incredible natural formula?

And when and in what quantities should I take this supplement?

I’ll admit.

It’s hard for me to answer the first question.

The truth is, most of the ingredients used to make this formula are really difficult to source which makes the company's ability to keep high stocks of Sight'0'Cap on hand almost impossible.

Everyone that has already tested Sight'0'Cap and restored their vision keeps asking us for more bottles for themselves and for their families and friends.

Basically making our stock run out in days, every time we get a new shipment.

And very important, AirTook Emporium Ltd produce Sight'0'Cap in small batches only.

Once we run out, you’ll have to wait another 3 months.

This way they can keep the quality of the product high, so it will be 100% efficient.

Since you’re here right now, your Sight'0'Cap is reserved.

But if you leave this page, we cannot guarantee supply when you come back.

Now, before I answer the second question, when in what quantities you should take this supplement, there is something very important you need to know.

To make this formula work for you depends on what your goal is and what the severity of your vision loss is and how long you’ve had vision problems. Has your eye condition reached a stage where surgery is required? Or have you done eye operation already?

Based on several testimonies we've gathered from over 13,000 men and women who tried Sight'0'Cap, we recommend taking at least 3 - 6 bottles of Sight'0'Cap, enough for a period of 90 days, to get desired result.

And if you want to be completely safe and don’t take any chances, then we recommend at 6 bottles. This way you will be absolutely sure to restore your vision 100% naturally.

I’ve received story after story from thrilled customers who have seen great results from the Sight Ocular Capsule.

Jonas Grant, 48 years old, from Arizona, U.S, says:

Jonas Grant I was raising money to get surgery and then I saw this and gave it a try. Bye-bye surgery, I now have 20/20 vision and about $4,000 that I won’t be spending on doctors and recovery, that’s for sure. Thanks a million, you saved me from the worst mistake of my life.


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You were right, Officer Ken.”

“I thought I’ll never follow through on the Sight'0'Cap program, like I never do with any treatment, but this one worked great on me. So I kept doing more and more until I got 20/20 vision in 90 days, like you said

Jenny Martins // Industrial designer

Oh dear, I look back and think: Seriously? All those glasses, all those pairs of contacts... and for what? Why go through all that trouble when this is so much more comfortable and you don’t even realize when the Sight0Cap program is over and you’re all fixed. I’m still In shock.”

Josh Samuel // Lawyer

I was nearsighted since I was 18, so I must have gone through a dozen pairs of glasses and who knows how many contact lenses so far.”

“Now I’m just thrilled that I won’t have to go to the doctor for another prescription again.”

George Dune // Software Developer

I get dozens of messages from them every single day telling me about their incredible results.

As earlier mentioned, (FirstName), these are just few of the 13,000 people that have tried the Sight'0'Cap program ever since I put this page up and my inbox is full of messages just like these from people who just can’t believe they’ve restored their eyesight naturally.

Right now, they’re not wearing glasses or contact lenses anymore, which is great... but the best thing is that they finally got rid of all the headaches, the uncomfortable pains and itches, the risk of infection, eye damage and even blindness...

And as a bonus, they stopped wasting money on new prescriptions, doctors, eye creams and medication.

And that’s why it was so hard to put a price on it.

Because for me, it’s more about spreading the word than it is about the money.

But unfortunately, in these days even sharing a revolutionary new method like this one doesn't come free.

Putting together a system, making the website, spreading it on the internet and even putting aside some money just in case we’ll ever have to fight those people who are so desperately trying to get the formula removed from the internet, all these things are expensive.

To be honest, at first I had no idea how to proceed.

So after consulting with some few persons I respect. . .

I decided to make a video documenting my condition and put it up on the Internet.

So here’s how you can be 100% sure the Sight'0'Cap formula is the real deal and the results are just as good as promised:

First of all, it will cost you pennies compared to all the other alternatives.

I am completely against overpriced products, because I know exactly what it’s like to be tricked into buying expensive stuff that does nothing or diddly-squat.

Some medical experts recommended charging $247 for a single bottle of Sight'0'Cap formula.

My face probably twisted in an unnatural way. They think the product is even worth more, because Sight'0'Cap is really good and it would sell anyway.

And yet, I told them that I want to charge the minimum possible and I mean the TINIEST price they could possibly come up with.

Of course, they looked at each other like I was insane and tried to convince me I could get riches, fame and a special place in Paradise with my name written in gold letters...

But I kept insisting they come up with the minimal price, so they did as I wished.

The results of this productive little talk is that right now I am able to tell you, you won’t have to pay $247 or $147 or even $99...

I’m happy to say that today you can finally restore your 20/20 vision naturally, and get Sight'0'Cap for just $69 and not a penny more.

The little profit of $9 will be used to keep the website up and running, pay the tech team behind the video, and…

A little surprise for you… 

A special customer service team that will be here for you 24/7 to help you with any questions or dilemmas you may have about the Sight'0'Cap.

They know everything there is to know about the program, most of them have already tried it themselves and are now enjoying their 20/20 vision, so you can ask them anything that crosses your mind.

whilst $60 goes back to manufacturing.

And I’m going to do something even better.

Our manufacturing partner, AirTook Emporium Ltd, gave us permission to offer a tremendous discount for those who purchase upto bottle, of Sight'0'Cap.

You can get them for only $49 per bottle and you also get free shipping, for as long as the supply lasts.

Now if this sounds good to you, here’s what you need to do next…

Click the link below to select your package.


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  • It will Improve and perfect your eyesight so that you don’t need your “readers” nearby every single time you need to read a book, a bible or Koran, a newspaper, a report, or a document.
  • It will Strengthen your eyes and focal muscles, eliminating the painful burning sensation in your eyes at the end of every single day.
  • You’ll be able to use a computer or watch TV anytime, anywhere as long as you want, without pain.
  • It’ll Improve ALL aspects of your vision. Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, the condition can be restored!
  • You’ll be able to see road signs from afar, watch a movie, play catch or read a book with just a lamp on, without stressing about carrying your Spectacle around everywhere!
  • It’ll help you start your day comfortably, without worrying about taking half an hour to pop your eye drop or find your Spectacle.
  • You’ll Save THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars. I can’t stress enough how expensive Spectacle and eye drops are getting nowadays, and the prices just keep INCREASING. For instance, if you spend $100 – $1,000 a year on Spectacle and eye drops alone, imagine how much money you’ll save for the 40-50 years you have to KEEP buying them!
  • And finally, taking Sight Ocular Capsule… is like picking up a brand-new set of eye balls!

You see, one of most frequent question I’ve got asked is, If Sight '0' Caps works so well, why haven't the big pharmaceutical companies licensed and sell it themselves?

Maybe you might be asking this question in your mind, too.

To give a perfect answer, it’s important that you understand that natural ingredients CANNOT be patented.

It’s illegal to claim any kind of ownership over a natural substance, which means the pharmaceutical industry can’t patent them, and therefore, they can’t make money from them.

And if they can’t make money from them, they’re not interested. It’s that simple.

But more worrisome, whenever a natural ingredient or product comes out that is proven to improve any health condition, the pharmaceutical companies will use all their financial clout to challenge the results, or block its release, because the last thing they want is for people to stop needing their drugs.

But what you also need to realize is that practically every health condition on Earth can be improved through natural ingredients.

More and more scientific studies are proving that nature has the answer to pretty much every illness and disease in existence. And as you’ve now discovered yourself, nature has the answer to vision lost too!

A lot of people also ask me if the Sight 'o' Caps will work for them, based on their individual circumstances. . .

They will tell me their medical history, body system, and the side effects they’ve been experiencing from all the drugs that different doctors have placed them on. . .

My answer to that is that we are all human beings, and we all function the same way.

So, any nutrients that produce results for one person, will produce similar results in another.

Of course, we won’t all achieve the same results because some of us will have intense eye issues than others or will have different complications alongside vision problems.

But the fact is, I have not had a single email from anyone telling me that this supplement didn’t work for them – and almost 13,000 people have now used this formula.

So, while I can’t promise you that it will work for you, the evidence is there that it will.

And hey, if you don’t achieve the results, you’re looking for, it’s not a problem – because your order is fully protected by our iron-clad, 90-days money back guarantee...


Look! when you start USING “Sight ‘Ocular’ Capsule” and you can’t see any significant RESULTS on or before 90 DAYS, Notify ME and I will refund 100% of your money to your bank account. And you can keep the product.”

“YES, you have heard me right… I’m so confident that this product will deliver as promised that I’m willing to let you try it for 90days.”

So please, stop wasting money on expensive Spectacle, or contemplating dangerous eye surgery, and grab Sight ‘O’ Caps without ANY risk whatsoever. If you’re not 100% satisfied after 90 days, give me a call or send me an SMS and let me know. I’ll send your money back.

I will refund every single penny you’ve spent. There’s no obligation for you to continue if it wasn’t right for you. NO hard feelings.

And of course, you can keep the bottles as my thanks for trying it. …No If’s, No Buts, and no questions asked! I’m a man of my word…

It’s highly recommended that you take at least 3 - 4 bottles of Sight 0cular Capsule to get the desired result. However, if you have advanced glaucoma or cataract, and you’re looking to go for an eye operation, or you have done eye surgery before, then I strongly recommend you extend to 5 or 6 bottles.

Here’s how it’s categorized.


1). Trial Pack: Contains one bottle. (Try this to test waters and play save, until you start seeing tremendous improvement with your eyesight, then you can jump all in).

2). Recommended Pack: Contains 3 bottles (you'll get desired result on or before the completion of this pack)

3). Complete Pack: Contains 5-6 bottles (for those with severe cases and those who've done eye surgery)

How Much Is Sight ‘0’ Caps?

You see, I could tell you Sight '0' Caps is worth over a thousand dollars. And it should be, probably, since it’ll save you more than that on medical costs every year.

Even my Optometrist once confirmed that Sight 0cular Capsule could go for a thousand dollar. . . because it works. My wife and I could get rich, maybe, if we charged that much for it.

But I know there are people who can’t afford to make a thousand-dollar purchase and don’t yet know the value of this offer is ten times more, compared to what they spent for eye drops, glasses and surgery.

(Big pharmaceuticals may be comfortable charging you thousands of dollars to put a band aid on your vision loss, but I’m not that kind of person).

I may be an officer, but I’m just a regular guy. I don’t want to stiff you on this. I want you to feel like you’re getting way more value than the little investment you make.

So, l WON’T charge you $1,000, and I won’t even charge you half of that, which is $500 even though it’s a steal of deal.

Again, I would NOT even charge you half of $500 . . .which is $250, and which was our initial price when we first brought sight ‘0’ caps into the country.

. . .because of the pandemic crisis, I’ve decided to drastically slash the price so that every person who’s serious about restoring their lost sight can afford it.

So, here is the cost of getting Sight 0cular Capsule shipped to your doorstep within 24 - 72hrs.

ONE bottle of “Sight ‘O’ Caps cost $69.

But if you order the 3 bottles (recommended pack), you'll get further discount of $28. Which means, you're paying $59 per bottle instead of $69

If you have advance glaucoma and cataract or any other severe eye problem that is due for an operation …or if you had done an operation in the past, I STRONGLY recommend that you get up 5 or 6 bottles to get the desired result. . .

. . .and you won’t have to come back to spend money on this again.

And if you order for the complete 6 bottles pack, you'll get $73 discount.

1 bottle = $69

3 bottles = $179 ($59 per bottle)

6 bottles = $329 ($49 per bottle)

Remember, you can always start with one bottle for trial purpose if you can’t afford the recommended bottles all at once. But you’ll end up paying more. Reason being that the cost of sending just one bottle to your location is the exact amount we spend to deliver 6bottles to same location.

We do FREE delivery within Nigeria. Plus, you get to make payment ONLY when the product arrives your doorstep.

But if you trust me enough like many others; and decide to make payment before delivery is made . . .to reserve your 3 0r 6 bottles of Sight ‘0’ Caps while it last — I’ll knock off $10 for you.

Yes, you get extra $10 discount for trusting me to make payment before delivery is made. This is my little way of appreciating your trust in me. I won’t take that for granted.

So, instead of paying the already discounted price of $179 or $329 (depending on your choosing pack) — you pay… $169 or $319 respectively.

We accept the following method of payments.

1). Direct/mobile transfer to our company’s account. (call or send us message to request for the company account details).

2). Western Union/or MoneyGram

3). Cryptocurrency

4). And card payment

For the card payment, we partner with PayStack and FlutterWave payment gateways.

These are the two universal third-party website that helps people conveniently pay for products and services anywhere in the world.

Please NOTE: This option is exclusively for those who trust me enough to make payment before delivery is made. It is NOT for those whose order is "Paid On Delivery..."

As you already know, If you’re based in Nigeria, you’re going to get 100% free shipping! You don’t have to pay any delivery fee. We’ve taken care of that for you. . .

Your package will arrive your doorstep within 24 – 78hrs via aepod courier service, Monday to Saturday -- depending on your location...


Aepod courier has reputation for Express Priority Overnight Delivery! With aepod, you don’t have to wait for number of days and weeks for your order to arrive at your doorstep…

If you’re NOT based in Nigeria, we’ve got you covered as well.

We've partnered with DHL for our international deliveries. Contact us to find out the shipment cost to your country.

I can ship to your home address, your office, your mum and dad’s house or even a friend’s house.

Just click the ORDER link and let us know where you want your bottles shipped.

Plus, inside your delivery package, you’ll see a personal letter from me with your name on it… instructing you on the dosage.

And please, don’t fill the ‘ORDER FORM” if you don’t have your money handy, or if you are NOT ready take delivery within a 24 to 72hrs. . .

I know a lot of people reading this page right now will be harbouring some doubts about this claim . . .but that’s okay – I’m used to people being suspicious at first.

But the truth is, you must experience it yourself to believe.


I wouldn’t be daring it if am not sure of the result you’re getting by taking Sight ‘Ocular’ Capsule as recommended.

And moreover, I wouldn’t take such risk if I hadn’t used this product myself to experience it wonders.

However, because I am not what people call “EYE DOCTOR” So, I think I should extend the guarantee to you.


So, I repeat; “Order for 3 or 6 bottles of Sight ‘O’ Caps, . . .use it for 90 days, and if it doesn’t deliver as promised… Call me on phone or send a text message or email and ask for your money back” No quibbles, no hard feelings. You get back every kobo you paid. And I will also call you and apologize for wasting your time.

You can’t lose by acting, not when my guarantee is involved. But you can sit and wait for “change” …or you can take charge and make what could be one of the best decisions in your life.

I understand the cost can be an issue, but what’s all this worth to your eyesight?

If you may agree with me, your eye is the most important organ of your body. Lose it, you’ve lost access to the world. . . and your life suddenly turned dark.

As matter of fact, someone who’s cripple and deaf but can see is in a far better position than one who’s legally blind.

So, your eye worth isn’t something to place a price tag on provided the result is guaranteed. 

By the way, consider this:

If we are to calculate the cost of the full treatment pack, you find out that it isn’t up to 2% of what you have spent or will continue to spend to Big pharmaceuticals who DON’T even guarantee your eyes health. Not even a money back guarantee.

The $179 or $329 you’re paying for this product isn’t that big money for those of you who really know what it means to pass through the ordeal of this ugly condition.

I can recall I spent over $13,000 on eye operation and some useless products that didn’t give me desired result …not to mention the eye surgery I did abroad…

And, if you were to operate the eye, this will cost you much more than $4000. Isn’t it?

Of course, doctors will have you first, sign some undertaking before an operation so you don’t hold them responsible for the outcome which is under probability.

When I say probability, it simply means the 50/50 chance that the operation would become successful. Many a time, it does come out well. At times, it goes bad.

Secondly, the undertaking you signed also mean that you can’t get back the huge amount you paid for the surgery. It doesn’t matter whether the eye operation was successful or not.

At this point in time, you’ve got three options,

Option 1 

You can keep wearing glasses or keep popping eyes drops like you’ve been doing. It may create refractive errors to your eye, increase your intraocular pressure which would in turn lead into advance glaucoma that would eventually require an operation, but this is an option anyway.

Or option 2

– You can decide to do ‘something’ about your precious eyes by spending hours scouring the Internet looking for other alternative and cheaper (trial and error stuff) and miss out on this easy solution if it sells out.

Or option 3

You can test drive this breakthrough Sight ‘Ocular’ Capsule right now and get your vision back. Remember, this same formula is what I used to CONQUER my Glaucoma and cataract combined. So, you can follow my footstep like the rest of those who use Sight ‘O’ Caps to RESTORE their eye’ problems, too.

And, even though this product is already way under-priced, lets make your decision super easy by sweetening the pot.

You see, I expect that the price, after this “OFFER PERIOD” will be significantly higher.

Here’s why!

…Because of the current manufacturing process in the U.S, due to the covid-19 pandemic — we were only able to import an EXTREMELY small quantity.

When supplies of Sight '0' Caps run out, this promotion will end! I’m not kidding, this offer is very temporary.

As of right now, we have less than 200 bottles of "Sight 0 Caps" in our warehouse… and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll ever be able to save one for you, and even when I do, it would be double the price of what I’m offering you now.

And don’t forget, this presentation is visible to everyone in the world who has access to the internet till the next 7 days.

So you can't risk postponing for the later, because you can't be too sure if you'll find them in stock when you come back.

That's why the ONLY time to act is NOW!

Your Purchase Helps Two Children in Need!

A small fee from your purchase of sight '0' caps will feed at least two children and one adult for seven days.

The donations are made by AirTook Foundation, Inc.

When you make a purchase, you will instantly receive an email with a profile of a family whose lives are being transformed by our programs.

 Also, upon making a purchase, we will immediately send you a video message from our staff in the field so you can see the impact of your donation.”

AirTook Foundation has helped thousands of helpless children and elderly people, with vitamins supplementation and palliatives, especially during the intense period of covid-19 pandemic.

AirTook Foundation is rated in the top 10% of charities for trust and efficiency.

Your Sight'0'Caps purchase funds for Vitamin A supplementation and food palliatives for two helpless children and a single adult. Your generosity helps them avoid illness and grow stronger.

And If you’re on the fence, I’ve got a free bonus I’d like to throw in…

I Have Put Up a 12-minute VIDEO …showing you exactly what I did to my eyes on daily routine for 90days while taking Sight ‘O’ Caps. And I’ll send it to you for FREE.

In that FREE video, you’ll learn All the methods used in the eradication of errors of refraction.

If you religiously follow what is explained on that open-secret video, your eyes intraocular pressure (IOP) will drop tremendously in just couple weeks. Your blurry vision will begin to diminish. You’ll have no need to wear your glasses, as you’ll begin to see clearly without squinting.

This simple technique is what I suggest every doctor should introduce to their patient, rather than prescribing, especially dangerous glasses, which increase eye pressure and, in turn create refractive errors. . .

To get this FREE video, just put a call across to my office once you take delivery of your Sight Ocular Capsule… and request for this 12-minute video. Please, it’s necessary to do so.

If you have any questions, or queries about Sight Ocular Capsule. . .

. . .then please don’t hesitate to call me “personally” (or my secretary) on my phone number at the bottom of this publication, (just ask for me). It’s sometimes nice to know there is a real person behind the words and I will be more than happy to talk with you between business hours 9am to 5pm.

. . .Because of the great customer demand, you may have to call two or three times before getting through on the phone. Don’t stop trying… it’s more than worth it.

With Sight ‘Ocular’ Capsule, 20-20 perfect vision is within your reach, no matter how young or old you are.

P.S. And oh! Less I forget.

Let me make a huge disclaimer here.

Sight 0cular Capsule isn’t for everybody with whatever eye problems… It can’t work for some people with certain sight effects.

Let me explain!

Sight ‘0’ Caps won’t work for you if your vision problem was as a result of accident or any external occurrence.

Plus, I don’t guarantee that Sight ‘0’ Caps will work for you if you TOTALLY blind.

But insofar, you still got some glimpse of vision left no matter how little, or you’re able to see cloud and light, and your case is Glaucoma, cataracts, astigmatism, myopia, retina detachment, old-age macular degeneration, long and short sightedness — then sight ‘0’ caps would work for you. . .

And If your eye is due for an operation, or you’ve done eye operation before, then I recommend you get up to 6 bottles just like I did. . .

To conclude with, I have one request though. If you use Sight 0cular Capsule to obtain the desired result as promised, I’d love for you to send me a testimony of how Sight’0’Caps has restored your bad vision to a perfect eyes health. A lot of people just called to say “Thank you Officer Ken, It worked. God bless you for the revelation of this breakthrough product”. But most of them never care to share a single testimony to inspire others that are looking to get same result as them.

I know this won’t be you, as I’ll be supper stoked to hear your testimony as well as share it with our global community. This could go a long way in helping others make an informed decision just as you’re about to make now.

Thanks, in anticipation. And Good day.

P.P.S. If you came to this website and if you have now thoroughly read this breakthrough publication from me, then chance plays a very small role indeed. None of this is an accident.

I believe that you had prayed and hoped that an important time was soon to come in your life that would give you an opportunity to finally say goodbye to you/or your love ones vision problems . . .which has been ongoing for years. . . and that's the reason why you stumble on this site to discover Sigh '0' Caps remedy. It's NOT a coincidence. It's what you prayed for.

My role is now clear, I must send Sight’0’Caps to your doorstep, guide you, advise you, and give you prescription on all the information you will need to take full advantage of this natural remedy.

This is the mission which I have set myself, I want you to be able to get the very best out of this 90 days journey and I need to give you the precise dates and times when you should start so that you know what to do on your own.

However I can't impose Sight’0’Caps on you, only you can make the decision to accept my help in this direction.

Whether I or someone else gives you Sight’0cular Capsule really isn't that important, what is important is that someone competent guides you through this.

In any case, I'll always be on your side and from now on you can count on me as a friend and confidant. I am proud to have met you and I hope we can move forward as quickly as possible because I really want to help you get your vision back and prove your doctors wrong.

Look, I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty proud of myself. The doctors couldn't help me.

All those eyes "experts" couldn't help me either. Even my family couldn't help me. (But God bless them for trying).

I didn't get help from Dr Patterson, possibly the best eye surgeon in Canada or anybody else. No, I did it all on my own and I learned how to do it fast and cheap. All thanks to Mr Ernust Wolfgang.

Now is your turn. Let's get to work together now.

Sight ‘0’ Caps will help restore your vision problems. Guaranteed, or you get back every penny of your purchase back!

To Your Vibrant Eyes Health

Officer Kenneth I. E

Former Glaucoma/Cataract sufferer.


P.P.S.  I expect that the price, after this “OFFER PERIOD” will be significantly higher.


Lewallen, S., & Courtright, P. (2001). Blindness in Africa: present situation and future needs. British Journal of Ophthalmology, 85(8), 897–903.

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